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After 33 successful years,


is closing its doors.

Thank you all for being a part of my life!

Amy Allen - Director

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Ms. Kimberly Burke will continue our mission.

Welcome to a place that explores the boundaries of your imagination and elevates your creativity in the arts!

L.A. Acting Workshop began in 1981 in Los Angeles, California with the vision of training aspiring actors to compete successfully for television, film, stage and commercial roles. 33 years later, thousands of actors have come through our doors and have gone on to establish very successful careers in the creative and performing arts throughout the world. Under the efforts of Amy Allen, Director, with over 40 years of entertainment industry experience, the workshop has grown by leaps and bounds. Eventually it made its way to Orlando, Florida, where it enjoys the reputation of being Orlando’s top professional acting workshop.

L.A. Acting Workshop embodies everything one needs to succeed in today’s highly competitive acting market. It is a full-service house, offering turn-key solutions for actors of all ages. The concept is threefold: offer the training and skills needed to prepare, inspire and encourage the passion within, and offer the keys needed to open the door and make the dream a reality.

We welcome you to explore all the wonderful possibilities throughout this website that will enable you to attain the tools and skills needed to have a successful entertainment industry career!